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REF 2014 results confirm Nottingham Business School's top quality research with impact

REF 2014 results confirm Nottingham Business School's top quality research with impact

Newton Arkwright
Nottingham Business School

95% Internationally Recognised; 59% Internationally Excellent; 11% World Leading

Research Impact: 100% Internationally Excellent

Research Environment: 100% Internationally Recognised.

18 December saw the publication of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 results. The submission from Nottingham Business School was considered alongside 101 other UK business and management schools.

Our results
The results of the REF 2014 demonstrates the high quality and enhanced international standing of research conducted within Nottingham Business School, with an increase in our grade point average (GPA) from 2.15 in 2008 to 2.65 in 2014. The analysis of our output profile shows that 92.9% of our research output is recognised at international standard and above, 54.1% internationally excellent and above and 13.3% world leading.

The impact profile shows an impressive 100% internationally excellent or above with 13.3% world leading.

The combination of output and impact in the REF 2014 results emphatically confirm us as an internationally recognised business school for business with real strength in our research, which is focused on excellence with impact on policy, practice and society.

The REF 2014 results show that the quality of our research outputs has improved significantly since the 2008 RAE, with 13.3% of the outputs judged to be world leading (four star) and 48% judged to be internationally excellent (three star).

As a result of these high-quality outputs we are ranked at 49 out of 101 in the league table for outputs.

For the first time, the assessment provides evidence of the impact of UK research. In terms of our impact submission, this comprised three case studies provided by Leighton Vaughan-Williams, Alistair Mutch and Peter Murphy.

The REF result highlighted these case studies to be either outstanding (four star) or having very considerable (three star) impact as a result of the research conducted. This is a tremendous achievement for Nottingham Business School, positioning us as 44th in the league table for impact.

The quality of our research environment was identified to be 25% internationally excellent (three star) and 75% internationally recognised (two star). This reflects the significant and continued investment in research with impact at Nottingham Business School.

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REF 2014 results confirm Nottingham Business School's top quality research with impact

Published on 23 December 2014
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