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Proud to be NTU

As 2014 drew to a close and our athletes returned home for the Christmas break. NTU Sport looks back on the start of the sporting season and our successes to date.

As 2014 drew to a close and our athletes returned home for the Christmas break. NTU Sport looks back on the start of the sporting season and our successes to date.

Finishing the 2013/14 season in 17th place out of over 150 Universities left NTU in a strong position moving into the new academic year. Just two places away from the prestigious top 15, we had everything to fight for.

As with each new year, our teams lost key players while respectively welcoming new talent into the clubs. It was therefore understandable to expect a transition period as games began to take place.

Here we highlight the excellent performances from our sports teams so far, and begin to look ahead to the second half of the season.

Table Tennis

A team dominated by scholars, our Men's Table Tennis 1st team have flown through their first fixtures to secure their place, undefeated, at the top of the Premier North league. Looking ahead they aim to hold onto this success in order to gain a place at BUCS Big Wednesday in March.

Matching their male counterpart's successes, our Women's team also stand strong at the top of Midlands 1A. With a string of wins in their tail, our Women's 1st team also look to extend their unbeaten record in order to gain entry to the championship finals at Loughborough.


NTU's Men's Lacrosse 1st team have kick started the 2014/15 season with a domination like no other. Smashing through records, with win's such as 55-0 over Oxford Brookes, they remain unbeaten at the top of the Midlands 1A league. Having narrowly missed out on promotion last year they look to overwrite the past and move up to the premier league next season.

Although our Women's 1st team sit low in 4th place of Midlands 2B, it's their success in the Midlands Conference Cup that is notable. Currently in the final 16, a win moves them into the quarter-finals to face either Lincoln or Northampton.

Rugby Union

In Rugby Union, our men's 1st team, like Lacrosse, narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premier North A division in their play-off against Leeds last season. They are comfortably sitting in 3rd place after a slow start. The team fell prone to injuries early on in the season however with many 1st team players returning to full strength they are looking hopeful for the second half of the season. This proved apparent when they ended 2014 with a 39-19 win over Worcester. They face Manchester in the final 16 of the Trophy, a team who, when played in the league, put up enough of a fight to end the game in a draw.

Another interesting point to note is the success of our 4th and 5th teams in the conference plate, who both advanced into the quarter-finals. If both teams win their fixtures they could face each other in the semi-finals in the ultimate battle of the pink.

Our Women's 1st team are currently 3rd in the league after a slow but steady start to the season. Their first game saw a menacing start with a 64-12 win over Leicester. However as with the men's side, injury has slowed their advance as they look ahead to 2015.


Our Women's 1st team have had a rocky start to the season. With a lack of confidence due to a significant loss of key players, they are focusing on building up from the bottom to gain experience in playing together as an almost brand new team. With half a season under their belts, 2015 will be a year of promise as they begin to gain momentum.

The story is similar for our Men's 1st team as they too get used to a new squad. Although they sit in 5th place, their recent successes in the Trophy hold hope of an advance to the quarter-finals in the new year. The boys in pink are already improving as they faced Oxford for a second time and wiped their slate clean with a 3-1 win.


Netball at NTU has enjoyed a significant boost with the introduction of Coach Lyn Winkworth. As the most successful coach to date, we have seen our 1st team gain wins over local rivals Nottingham not once but twice in only two months. Varsity now becomes a much anticipated fixture as they look to make it a hat-trick.


Also undefeated and sitting happily at the top of their league are the Men's Hockey 1st team. Bringing home scores such as a 9-1 win over Loughborough, nothing seems to stand in their way as they storm ahead into 2015. The focus for the boys can now lie on the Trophy as they aim to press on into the quarter-finals.

American Football

The NTU Renegades are currently enjoying a successful season. In a recent competition win they gained the opportunity to train with some of the world's best coaches. This experience clearly came in handy as they went on to put their skills to the test in the East Midlands BUCS league. With defeats over De Montfort 63-0 and Wolverhampton 42-0 they too remain undefeated and confident for the rest of the season.

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Proud to be NTU

Published on 8 January 2015
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