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GRADS4NOTTM Initiative

GRADS4NOTTM is a week-long initiative aimed to improve the amount of graduates choosing to stay in Nottingham once they finish their studies.

Recent research undertaken by Nottingham Business School revealed that Nottingham has a lower than average proportion of economically active residents with a degree. This led to an initiative being created following discussions with local employers and the University.

The initiative, GRADS4NOTTM, was created to give students a taster and experience of the local employers within Nottingham. Companies within Nottingham such as Boots, Ikano and Experian, as well as some small businesses, were involved in the week-long programme. One aspect that all of these companies had in common is that they wanted to see more graduates stay in Nottingham once they finish their degrees.

When students applied for the week-long initiative, they were unaware of which of the 16 local companies they would be joining. It offered them the chance to apply based on the 'real-life' business environment which appealed to them. The week was set out with Boots taking all of the students on the first and final days of the challenge, but the middle of the week spent with the companies they had chosen.

NTU Employability Teams Hannah Luetkemeier discussed the importance of retaining graduates within the city. She said: "Talent retention in Nottingham, notably graduate retention, has been identified as an important way of driving the city's economy forward. Studies have suggested that although Nottingham has a large graduate population, with two academically-renowned and popular universities, a number of graduates return to their home region or are drawn to London and the South-East."

By working together with local companies and neighbouring academic institutions, the profile of the cities growing businesses will increase amongst students. It also provides them with a unique work experience opportunity.

Feedback from students has indicated that not only was the week enjoyable, but that it highlighted a greater opportunity to work with small/medium sized businesses outside of London.

GRADS4NOTTM Initiative

Published on 6 March 2015
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