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Varsity Futsal 2015: Match Report

On the 29th of April at 7:20 pm NTU Women's futsal played against University of Nottingham (Uni of) in the 5th Varsity fixture of the season.

By NTU Student Ola Fisayo

On 29 of April at 7.20 pm NTU Women's futsal played against University of Nottingham (Uni of) in the fifth Varsity fixture of the season. Our women's team was comprised of players from the main Women's football squad and had been practicing for three weeks prior to the fixture, it was fair to say they were the under dogs of the match.

The match kicked off and University of Nottingham showed their experience and put together some slick passing to slide through our defense and open up an early two goal lead. The NTU crowd didn't disappoint and they gave their full backing of the squad, with Men's futsal leading the roar. NTU continued to fight on but the inexperience of the side began to show, Uni of's Number 10 showing some samba skills to control the game and open up our defense. Some outstanding play and some laps in organisation meant that Uni of, ended the first half 6-1 up with the goal for NTU coming from No. 11, picking the ball up on the right hand side and placing a shot into the right side of the goal.

The second half began and NTU showed some promise, getting into the opposition final third often but not being able to find the final pass or make the shot. University of Nottingham however were able to make their chances count, with clinical finishes into the top corners of the goal. Mid way through the second half it was clear to everyone that Uni of's Number 10 was their best player, as she added brilliant link up play as well as goals to open up a lead, 10-1. However late into the game NTU's own Number 10 came on and she showed great work rate and rewarded the team and the crowd with a very well taken shot and goal to the keepers left. The team gave great energy and determination and ultimately made NTU proud. The final score was 10-2 to the University of Nottingham.

The men's later kick off meant that more spectators had ventured into the venue and the sports centre was packed for kick off. The NTU supporters were highly expectant of their team as they had recently been promoted into the premier division within their Futsal League.

The match kicked off and NTU couldn't have got off to a worse start, going 2-0 down in the first seven minutes. It just didn't seem to be coming off for NTU men as their touch let them down in good positions and their final passes weren't coming off. Later in the first half though the guys started to increase their intensity and kept pushing for the goal, with the crowd increasing their tension alongside. Unfortunately, a scramble after an initial chance from Uni of saw them go 3-0 up. At this point the crowd and the team were seriously pumped as we knew we deserved a goal, then just before half time we got what we were asking for. Number Seven fired the ball into the bottom right corner and the crowd erupted, this goal was a sign of better to come from NTU.

The second half kicked off and the intensity from the first carried through, early highlights were NTU's Number Ten's work rate closing down the ball and creating chances for the team. University of Nottingham benefited on the counter attack though and went 4-1 up, against the run of play as NTU were getting ahead in the match. Shortly after Uni of went 4-1, NTU's Number 10 scored, again through his hard work and we drew the score back to 4-2. This started an incredible final 15 minutes of football. After our second goal NTU were fully focused and drove the score back level with goals from Number Three and another for Number Seven. NTU's break was a great goal planting the ball firmly in the top corner, with the crowd celebrating emphatically. Then captain put us further ahead! With a great move, a kick in on the left hand side going across Uni of's defense to the right hand side and then placing the ball back across the goal keeper and into the left side of the goal.

The match seemed to be sealed with that goal making it 6-2, however in the dying moments, University of Nottingham Scored, making it 6-5, with 20 seconds to go. The atmosphere was tense with further stops just before the full time whistle delaying the celebrations. But they finally did come, with the final whistle initiating a pitch invasion from the passionate NTU supporters. In closing it was one of the best sporting fixtures of the varsity series so far and the first Varsity points for NTU, well done Men's Futsal!

Varsity Futsal 2015: Match Report

Published on 30 April 2015
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