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NTU Brass Ensemble at Graduation

The NTU Brass Ensemble was delighted to be invited to perform during the summer's Graduation ceremonies.

NTU choir

This year the NTU Brass Ensemble was invited to perform for the NTU Graduation Ceremonies at the Royal Concert Hall. The ensemble were delighted to contribute to such a prestigious occasion at the University, with many members travelling back to Nottingham during their summer break especially to perform at the ceremonies.

The ensemble is formed from a talented and experienced group of NTU student and staff members, many of whom have past experiences of performing amongst various successful national brass bands, wind bands and orchestras from around the country - alongside hosting and performing solo instrumental recitals within the University and beyond.

Joel Moore, an NTU student who took part in the performances said: "I really enjoyed playing at the Graduation ceremonies as it gave us an opportunity to perform new music in a fantastic concert hall to large appreciative crowds!" 

Being an integral part of the ceremony meant a great deal to members of the ensemble as last year's instrumental alumni award winner Annah Morrish also stated it was "fun to be a part of the ceremonies and great to see how much graduating from NTU meant to the students".

The Brass Ensemble is under the guidance of NTU's Brass Tutor, Peter Lacy - whose years of experience provided the ensemble with confidence as they performed to large audiences throughout the week. The ensemble's performances were recognised and appreciated throughout, with regular applause from the packed Concert Hall.

The ensemble are looking forward to what the next academic year may bring and hope to take on further performance opportunities as they grow from strength to strength.

NTU Brass Ensemble at Graduation

Published on 30 July 2015
  • Category: Culture; Music

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