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#BacZac - NTU Cricket are 'just helping a mate'

NTU Cricket is reaching out for the support of fellow athletes, students and staff after their club was hit with devastating news.

NTU Cricket is reaching out for the support of fellow athletes, students and staff after their club was hit with devastating news.

Our students have been working tirelessly to raise money for Zac Forskitt, one of their close friends and a club member who recently received a rare diagnosis.

Zac found out about his illness when he started having a shortness of breath when doing the smallest of physical tasks and went to get it checked out. The doctors found a germ cell tumour in his chest and after further tests, also found he had leukemia. He is only the second person on record to ever be diagnosed with both at the same time.

As a valued member of NTU Cricket, his fellow team mates are now rallying up friends, students, staff and public to help them raise money to make Zac's recovery more comfortable.

Josh Sharpe a member of NTU Cricket says "At Trent Cricket, we're a close knit group of friends who share a common interest. However the common interest isn't really cricket; it's the friends you make and the time spent together having a laugh which is why we all get on together so well. Like so many of our members he's never played a game for Trent, nor trained that much either, but that isn't the point. He was voted as social secretary as he personified everything it meant to be a good friend. And as his friend, we're trying to do everything we can to be a good friend to him. We originally had the target of £300 so we could buy him a PS4 and FIFA to make his stay easier. We were all so touched and amazed that through the JustGiving page we've raised nearly 15 times that and had so many celebrities and public figures that mean a lot to Zac get in touch to give him their best wishes. We hope we continue to raise money for him and his charities and know that this battle is one for the long haul and not something that can be ticked off just because we've raised some money for now."

NTU Sport is really proud to see all of its clubs coming together in order to help a fellow athlete.

Matt Nicholson, current Vice President of Sport for the Student's Union, commented on everyone's efforts “Zak is highly valued and well-loved member of NTU's Cricket team. He was successfully elected as a committee member for 2015/16 season and is a true gentleman. His story is one which has touched the hearts of all of us here at the Students' Union, we have always prided ourselves at NTU for having an unwavering community and family atmosphere, something which has only been emphasised more by the way in which our sports clubs have come together in overwhelming support for Zak in the last few weeks. I personally would like to wish Zak a speedy recovery and commend his inspiring attitude, I would like him to know that if he needs any support throughout his stay in hospital then myself and the wider Students Union are here to offer all we can, we are all behind you Zak.”

Another particularly interesting fundraising effort is that of Jack Spittle, Men's Rugby Union player and childhood friend of Zac's. Jack is asking for sponsorship as he ‘braves the shave', raising money to shave his head in support of Zac.

"Zac and I were around 8 when we first met at our local rugby club and although we don't like to admit it he was the small fat kid with slightly ginger curly hair and I was the small skinny kid with slightly ginger curly hair, from then we have always had each other's backs and protected each other's curls so it only seems right to loose my hair when he does."

We would like to ask that everyone here at NTU, whether you're staff, students, alumni or a public reader, could have a look at our students fundraising pages and join together in helping a mate on his road to recovery.

Visit NTU Crickets fundraising page before he braves the shave.
#BacZac #ProudtobeNTU

#BacZac - NTU Cricket are 'just helping a mate'

Published on 15 October 2015
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