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GameCity celebrates ten years with biggest ever festival line-up

GameCity returns to Nottingham this October to celebrate its tenth anniversary with its longest, biggest and most exciting festival to date.

screen shot from the video game 'No Man's Sky' showing a large dinosaur like creature
The creators of No Man's Sky will take festival goers on a unique journey

GameCity returns to Nottingham this October to celebrate its tenth anniversary with its longest, biggest and most exciting festival to date.

During a decade of extraordinary events and incredible guests, GameCity has delighted tens of thousands of visitors. With the support of Nottingham Trent University and The Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, the Festival has welcomed some of the world's most acclaimed game-makers to the city of Nottingham.

This year GameCity 10 runs from 22-31 October and will explore and celebrate everything that video games can be. Taking place in venues across the city centre, the GameCity Festival showcases new games from independent creators, offers a rich programme of talks, shows and experimental events, and encourages visitors to discover and play new games together in a friendly, welcoming environment.

GameCity's National Videogame Arcade building will be hosting the social centre of the festival, along with a constantly-changing array of developers showing brand new games - many of which are still in development.

Highlights of the Festival include:

  • GameChangers: Football! Nottingham is the UK's first City of Football so GameCity has been working with ten game designers to create ten NEW versions of the beautiful game, for everyone to try out and take away.
  • Mario! The Musical By popular demand, the team behind the awesome Mario the Musical are crashing back into the National Videogame Arcade.
  • Gamer Gamer After a run of performances at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival featuring guests including Dara O'Briain and Ed Byrne, Gamer Gamer takes up residence in the National Videogame Arcade for an evening of video game challenges with award-winning comedians.
  • Marioke! One Life Left's world-famous singalong, with hundreds of video game-themed songs - a showstopping highlight of last year's festival.
  • Minecraft: Inside the Blockopedia Alex Wiltshire, author of the best-selling Minecraft Blockopedia, will share the amazing facts, delights and crazy secrets that lie behind the cubic land - with tips and tricks for anyone who wants to survive longer and build better.
  • No Man's Saturday GameCity takes its opening festival weekend into the infinite with an entire day spent underneath No Man's Sky. Say 'hello' to Hello Games as they take you on a unique journey into the creation of the most anticipated game of our time, live!

The Sheriff's Gauntlet will also be returning with the Council of Legends. The Sheriff of Nottingham will challenge citizens to take part in the annual trial of skill, cunning and guile, spanning the whole city. Last year's tests included penalty-taking during a Notts County FC football match, African drum performances in the Theatre Royal, and a courtroom grilling at the hands of the Evil Sheriff, all to win the favour of the Sheriff and - in accordance with centuries-old traditional - a full-size metal gauntlet and a patch of land within the city. This year the stakes are raised even higher with a seat available on the Council of Legends.

Many events and activities are free, however some are ticketed and others, mostly evening events, are paid for. Visit the GameCity website for further information and a live schedule of events and activities.

  • Notes for editors

    Press enquiries please contact Helen Breese, Public Relations Manager, on telephone +44 (0)115 848 8751, or via email.

    About GameCityGameCity has spent the past ten years developing innovative forms of public engagement with video games, encompassing the annual GameCity Festival in Nottingham, and a regular programme of "GameCity Nights" talks and events. In March of this year, GameCity established the world's first National Videogame Arcade - a permanent exhibition and event space dedicated to games. Since then, more than 20,000 visitors have discovered new ways to play together at the NVA, with daily school trips during term time and game-making clubs at the weekend.

    GameCity gratefully acknowledges support from Nottingham Trent University, The Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, The Welcome Trust, Nottingham City Council and the Nottingham Technology Grant Fund. It is also proud to be a part of the "No One Left Behind" project to develop game-making materials for use in schools, co-funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

GameCity celebrates ten years with biggest ever festival line-up

Published on 8 October 2015
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