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MSC Global Business and Management Student Wins Hackathon-Airbus Challenge

MSC Global Business and Management Student Thammy Marcatto Wins Hackathon-Airbus Challenge


Thammy Marcatto (on the MSc Global Business and Management) and her team participated in the Hackathon 2015 challenge, winning the Airbus challenge Award. They were presented with a £1,000 cheque.

The Hackathon, which was entitled Smart Transportation and Energy, took place from Friday 25 September to Sunday September 27 2015 at the Rainmaking Loft Berlin, Germany.

The participants were presented with challenges from different companies and were supported with databases, API and local supports needed to solve the challenges. The teams were to pick any challenge and then had to provide a solution for the selected challenge.

Thammy and her team chose to work on a challenge presented by Airbus. The Challenge was: "Employees travel frequently to same sites for meetings or conferences where no effective transportation logistics are considered."

They provided a solution by creating an App called Shairbus which would be used to import and match data from the Airbus calendar and the AMEX booking system. With this App, employees will receive a possible ride share notification and if they accept it, they receive a SharePoint, which they can use at the achievement store and buy items or use for upgrades.

MSC Global Business and Management Student Wins Hackathon-Airbus Challenge

Published on 2 October 2015
  • Category: Nottingham Business School

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