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Social Sciences student wins Green Academy competition to visit Expo Milano 2015

The EXPO Milano 2015 competition launched by Green Academy asked NTU students to submit a short article addressing food security. Winner of the competition, MA Politics student Lina Erlandsson talks more about the role of sustainability in food.

As part of the EXPO Milano 2015 competition launched by Green Academy, NTU students were invited to submit a short article on potential solutions to addressing food security, drawing from their understanding of the problem from the perspective of their discipline.

The winning article, which was written by Lina Erlandsson, an MA Politics student, explored the impact of providing EU subsidies to a small section of farming industry, i.e. organic farmers, and its impact on the development of a EU wide approach towards sustainable agriculture which does not embrace alternative farming practices. As Lina commented:

"The problem with organic agriculture is that it only tends to fulfil the environmental dimension of the sustainability concept. Less emphasis is put on the economic and social aspects of sustainability. For example, from an economic point of view, is organic farming more efficient?"

Lina commented that the competition provided her with a rare opportunity to express her thoughts on a topic outside of academic work and hopes that her experience of attending the EXPO Milano 2015 exhibition, the winning prize, will continue to shape her interest on the subject of food security and sustainability in general, as well as boosting her employability.

Previous student work focusing on how food and sustainability are related outside of the formal curriculum has also been conducted through the innovative Sustainability in Practice certificate, which uses food as a theme to further staff and student understandings of sustainability and how it relates to each subject area across NTU. The certificate has now been launched for its third year and can be completed by anyone at NTU.

For more information on this please contact Dr Petra Molthan-Hill.

Social Sciences student wins Green Academy competition to visit Expo Milano 2015

Published on 13 October 2015
  • Category: Environment and sustainability; Library; Nottingham Business School; School of Social Sciences

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