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Publication Success for Dual LLM Graduates

Graduates, Amir Adl Rudbordeh and Stef Vullings, from the first cohort of the NTU/RUN Dual LLM have recently published papers on insolvency law.

Insolvency Books
Insolvency books

Amir Adl Rudbordeh and Stef Vullings, both graduates from the first cohort on the Nottingham and Nijmegen Dual LLM programme, have recently seen their dissertation projects published by Celsus Legal Publishing, an academic imprint in the Netherlands. Both Amir and Stef were awarded their degrees cum laude (distinction).

Amir's project, jointly supervised by Professor Rebecca Parry (NTU) and Mr Niels Vermunt (RUN), was a comparative assessment of the rules on freedom of movement for debtors in the lead up to insolvency. These rules are particularly relevant given the disparity in Europe between domestic insolvency laws, and the resulting competition for restructuring business through judicious moves of debtors' centres of main interest to other "friendlier" states where optimal results may be obtained. Amir's work also focused on the impact on creditors and other stakeholders due to the potential for abuse. A paper, derived from Amir's research, titled "An Analysis and Hypothesis on Forum Shopping in Insolvency Law", was recently awarded the Silver Medal in the competition for the International Insolvency Institute's 2016 Prize in International Insolvency Studies.

Stef's project, jointly supervised by Dr Anne Mennens (RUN) and Dr Alexandra Kastrinou (NTU), was a comparative assessment, underpinned by a strong theoretical methodology, of the framework for pre-pack procedures in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands under their respective insolvency laws. This was done with view to understanding how such procedures, which are used wherever there is a need for speed and secrecy in the turnaround process, function to deliver results for the stakeholders involved. Stef's research was especially cogent, given concerns that such procedures tend to favour secured creditors over unsecured ones, who are also kept out of the information loop due to concerns over reputational loss. Stef's research also contributed to a joint presentation with Dr Alexandra Kastrinou at the INSOL Europe Academic Forum annual conference in Berlin in October 2015.

The Centre for Business and Insolvency Law at Nottingham Law School and the Radboud University Business Law Research Centre wish to congratulate Amir and Stef on these publications, which are a matter of immense pride for both Law Schools and serve to underline the potential for achievement by students undertaking the Dual LLM programme jointly run by both institutions.

Publication Success for Dual LLM Graduates

Published on 9 May 2016
  • Category: Research; Nottingham Law School

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