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Get involved with sport volunteering

See what volunteering opportunities are available with NTU Sport.

NTU students can gain experience and expand your CV by becoming a sports volunteer. There are a variety of sport volunteering opportunities available to help you gain experience, try something new and help the community. The current sport volunteer opportunities range from coaching young people in schools, working with local sports clubs, media roles for NTU Sport, session leaders for beginner and social sports and much more!

There are lots of benefits to volunteering, both personally and course-related, and it can be a great way to meet new people and have fun. You will also get the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something really worthwhile in your local community during your time at university.

To recognise your commitment as a volunteer NTU Sport have a variety of awards dependant on the amount of volunteering that you have undertook. The rewards will be as follows based on cumulative volunteering over one academic year:

• NTU Sport Volunteer Award – 25 Hours - NTU sport volunteer T-shirt.
• NTU Sport Volunteer Bronze Award – 50 Hours – Choice of a hoodie or jacket.
• NTU Sport Volunteer Silver Award – 75 Hours – £50 towards a Coaching / Professional Development Course.
• NTU Sport Volunteer Gold Award – 100 Hours – £75 towards a Coaching / Professional Development Course.

To find out more about the different sport volunteering opportunities click here or send us an email.


Get involved with sport volunteering

Published on 17 October 2016
  • Category: Sport

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