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This Trent Girl Can

The second student profile of the series in the run up to Trent Girls Can Week.

This Girl Can Week – 7-13 November 2016

As part of This Girl Can Week, NTU Sport are celebrating a range of female students' involvement and achievements in sport. Read on for our next student profile.

Jessica Jones – Sports Volunteer

What has been your involvement in sport to date?I love sport. It's always been something I have thrived in, football being my passion from a young age. I went to college and got more involved with the coaching aspects. Then when I came to university, I got more involved within the planning and development of sport, with less and less emphasis on playing myself. I am now heading towards a career in football development and have been given so many opportunities with the University, the FA and BUCS to get closer to achieving this goal.

How did you first get involved in sports volunteering?My college teacher introduced me to a local club, Marple Athletic, who were starting to build up their first girls team, and were looking for young female coaches to help. Once I was coaching regularly, I was given the opportunity to join the FA's Football Futures programme, and from there I got involved with as many volunteering opportunities as possible.

What has been your involvement in Volunteering so far?
I was the lead volunteer for Futsal with NTU Sports volunteering last year, where my roles included communicating with and managing volunteers, coaching in schools, and organising sporting events. I completed work experience during the summer with the Cheshire FA, where I was around other Football Development Officers, seeing their projects and what their individual roles were, as well as having my own project around the Football Futures Programme and Youth Forum. I am currently a member of Cheshire FA's Youth Forum, and aim to help its growth and development to benefit and give a voice to young people within football in Cheshire. I am also a member The FA National Game Youth Council, as Regional Engagement Officer for the East Midlands. More recently I have been given the role as Female Football Activator at NTU, developing beginner and social women's football at the University.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?Meeting people. No matter what volunteering I have done, whether it's in sports or away from sports, I have always met new like-minded people that have developed me as a person without realising. As well as this, I have seen first-hand how the more people you know that have a positive view of you, the more opportunities that come your way. Volunteering is a great pathway to meet people who can massively help you on your journey.

What would you say to others to encourage them to get involved?There are so many rewards to volunteering that you often can't see from the outside. Doing things like sports volunteering while you are working towards your desired career, alongside your degree and education, can massively help you develop, meet important people, get your foot through the door and your name heard, and might actually be what gets you to that desired target. And to top it off, it's often a good laugh!

To find out how you can get in involved in Sports Volunteering at NTU, email Sports Volunteering Coordinator Jessica Withers.

This Trent Girl Can

Published on 19 October 2016
  • Category: Sport

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