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BUCS Review – Wednesday 9 November, 2016

BUCS Review - Wednesday 9 November

NTU Rugby union players
Men's Rugby Union 1 beat Leeds University

Welcome to our weekly round-up of results from Wednesday's matches in BUCS games for Nottingham Trent University (NTU).

There were 44 games scheduled for action on Wednesday 9 November 2016, with 27 at home and 17 away. Of the matches that took place, NTU won 43.18% of them (19 from 44 completed). Our season win percentage currently stands at 46.49% and we sit 13th in the BUCS Table.

Biggest result
This category can stand for the team that won by the greatest margin, or alternatively can mean the result that means the most in context.

Some weeks, the results are hard to pick a best result from. This week, however, there is a standout win from amongst the raft of greatness. Men's Hockey 1st team beat Loughborough 5-1. This is the first win of the year for NTU men's 1st team, and the first ever against Loughborough 1st team in hockey. This result lifts the team from the foot of North A league, to be replaced by Loughborough. Well done lads!

Worthy mention:

- All teams against Loughborough! NTU played Loughborough teams in five games and won four of them.

Team performance
This category can be won by anyone – team, players or sports clubs for overall performance as a group.
Women's Basketball 1st team overcame a painful narrow loss last week, and it appears from this week's scoresheet they took it out on Loughborough. Each quarter was a dominant victory by NTU over a team that looks like they’ll struggle this year in Midlands 1A.

Worthy mention:

- Women’s Football 2s for the 2nd time in a row! Last week they beat Warwick 2nd team 12-4, and played them again in the Midlands Cup, winning 16-0!

Top 6 results

Basketball Women's 159-44Loughborough 2
Warwick 10-4Football Men's 1
Football Women's 11-0Loughborough 2
Hockey Men's 15-1Loughborough 1
Lacrosse Men's 117-2Leeds Beckett 1
Durham 212-45Rugby Union Men's 1

Well done to all teams involved!

BUCS Review – Wednesday 9 November, 2016

Published on 11 November 2016
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