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Green Impact Power Week

Green Impact Power Week is your chance to give your Green Impact workbook and project a real boost, and you could be rewarded for your hard work too!

Green Impact Power Week, taking place from 20 to 24 February, is your chance to give your Green Impact workbook and project a real boost. Get your team organised and get those plans into action - we will be recording your progress and rewarding three teams for their efforts:

Most actions completed in Power Week

If you are working your way through the online Green Impact workbook then Power Week is the week to tie all those loose ends together and tick actions off the list. We'll check which team completes the most actions in the week to crown the winner.

Promote your project

We want to see your project promotion, How have you let people in your department know about the sustainable project that you are working on? Send the Environment Team a copy of posters, emails or evidence of any other inventive ways you have sent the message out - entries will be judged by the Environment Team.

New Team

If you have been interested in Green Impact but have not yet signed up, this is the perfect time for you to do so. Get in contact with the Environment Team and we can help get your team off the ground and really get stuck in during Power Week. The new team with the most actions completed by the end of the week will win a prize.

Good luck to all teams and if you need any support please contact the Environment Team.

Green Impact Power Week

Published on 21 February 2017
  • Category: Environment and sustainability

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