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Innovation Community Lab

Innovation Community Lab is a thirty-hour programme for ambitious new starters and aspiring managers in your SME. Develop them and your business by taking part (for free!).

Innovation community lab
The Innovation Community Lab is a thirty-hour programme of interactive and engaging workshops designed to share knowledge and skills

Would a colleague at your small or medium sized enterprise (SME) benefit from joining a network for aspiring managers and ambitious new starters? If so, Innovation Community Lab (ICL) could be the key to their future success and to your business growth.

Specially for SMEs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, ICL is a thirty-hour programme of interactive and engaging workshops designed to share knowledge and skills around business innovation. Taking part in ICL can help develop a junior colleague’s confidence, business acumen and leadership potential. The programme is offered free of charge to eligible SMEs.

Delegates on the ICL programme are given the tools and knowledge to support your business to generate and implement new ideas. They will become more confident in forming and pitching their ideas, and have the supporting business and analytical skills to effectively evaluate new ideas and their potential impact on your business. ICL will encourage delegates to contribute to product development, propose a new service or process or implement an innovative culture within your business.

We are flexible and open to all industry sectors. Delegates can come from a wide range of job roles. This means that they will not only benefit from the course itself but also have the opportunity to build their own professional network with contacts from a diverse group of businesses.

The ICL programme breaks down into the following areas, namely:

Getting to know fellow delegates and being welcomed into the ICL community. Be briefed on how to understand the corporate strategies, values and vision of your business.

Illustrate Your Idea
Learning how to form, develop and pitch an idea through understanding and analysing your business.

Implement the Idea
Negotiation, persuasion and influencing plus project managing an idea as part of a team.

Initiate Sustainability
Measuring success and impact, and how to sustain an idea once it’s implemented.

Invite Change
Becoming an innovator and working within a team to drive innovation.

Ignite Your Innovation
A showcase and celebration of all ICL delegates’ work and the positive impact they have had on your business.

Each session will come with its own practical work-based task, which delegates will structure around your organisation. This means that their learning will directly benefit your business. We will measure the ICL programme’s impact on your business by collecting data before and after the programme. This ensures ICL is truly effective for your business.

Innovation Community Lab will launch in Derby and Nottingham in July 2017. The two labs will run simultaneously in both locations. To find out more about Innovation Community Lab and to get involved, please email or call 0115 848 2569.

ICL is part of the Enabling Innovation programme. This is a programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund for SMEs in the D2N2 area. Enabling Innovation runs a wider programme of one-off events, workshops and masterclasses, as well as provides local SMEs and start-ups with access to University specialists and expert facilities free of charge.

For more information about Enabling Innovation, please click here.

Innovation Community Lab

Published on 1 April 2017
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