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The wait is over

Lunchtime for the four chicks! The last egg has hatched!

Peregrine Falcon chicks
The fourth and final Peregrine Falcon chick hatched on Thursday, April 27 (stock image)

Four chicks
After a long and anxious wait the final chick has hatched! It hatched at just before 1pm on the 27/04/17, all four chicks are feeding well and all look healthy. There have been some amazing feeding scenes over the past few days with plenty of food being brought in; sometimes two pigeons at a time! Mrs P and Archie have been doing an amazing job at keeping the chicks warm during the recent cold snap.

For around the next six weeks the chicks will rapidly grow in size, losing their downy white feathers and gaining their juvenile feathers. Once six weeks is up the chicks will have their first attempts at flight, after this the then fledglings will still be dependent on Archie and Mrs P for around four weeks before they completely leave the nest.

Chris Bridges
NTU Conservation Society

The wait is over

Published on 27 April 2017
  • Category: Environment and sustainability

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