From heartbreak to hysteria for George Trimmer

After being told his professional Rugby career was over due to injury, no-one could have blamed George Trimmer for giving up on sport. However, we are very happy to announce that he has now been accepted onto the full-time GB Rowing Programme, following a successful trial period.

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George Trimmer recently spoke to Trent TV at the National Water Sports Centre

In December of last year, George underwent a battery of tests as part of the ‘Discover Your Gold’ programme, which aims to identify talented young athletes who have the potential to become future champions. Sport scientists sighted the raw characteristics that they were looking for to transfer into rowing, and he was taken on a four month trial period.

The second year Real Estate student started his trial period in January, training full-time whilst making use of the Academic Support Programme at NTU to continue his studies. He was set goals along the way that he must reach, and he has now been identified as an athlete that has the capability to convert into an Olympic Rower, with Tokyo 2020 in his sights.

Having played for Worcester Warriors Academy from the age of 13, and then professionally for Nottingham Rugby since 2015, Rugby was a huge part of his life. To have that taken away was hard to take, but he was determined to not let his sporting talent go to waste.

I’ve played Rugby my whole life and it’s what I wanted to do when I left University. To be told that I could never play again was devastating. I had to find something new and that was the best way for me to move forward. At the end of the four month trial they could have released me, but recently I heard that they were going to take me on a long term period. Obviously I’m over the moon with that!

George Trimmer

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George Trimmer (left) had to retire from professional rugby with Nottingham

Perhaps the biggest change that George has had to deal with, is the difference between being part of a team, compared to an individual sport like rowing. However, support from his rugby team mates has been essential, and he is used to the heavy training loads required to be a professional athlete.

I think the main challenge is mentally. You have to be really self-motivated as in a team environment you have all the other players pushing you on but at the moment I’m rowing in a single so it’s very on your own. The rugby lads were all very supportive, and when it happened everyone did all they could to reassure me and help me into the next stage of my life.

George Trimmer - GB Rowing

So far the training has been going well, and George’s coach, Nicola Benavente, is excited about what he can achieve in his new sport. Having had previous athletes make the switch from rugby to rowing, she is confident George has the physical and mental capabilities to succeed in the long term.

If you would like to follow George’s story more closely, follow him on Twitter.

From heartbreak to hysteria for George Trimmer

Published on 8 June 2017
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George Trimmer speaking to Trent TV at the National Water Sports Centre