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#NaturalTrent winner is announced

The Environment Team have announced the winner of their staff-student photography competition

Natural Trent winning entry
The poetry of the earth is never dead
Winning entry by John Keats and Laura Moody

#NaturalTrent or 'NTU's Connection to the Natural World' was the initial spark to the Environment Team's photography competition which was first launched in 2016. The winning entry (above) was taken at NTU's Clifton Campus, featuring the millions of native wildflowers that have been planted in the past few years, promoting biodiversity, habitat and pollinators.

The competition aims to not only collate wonderful photos of the environment, but challenges students and staff to find inspiration from the grounds at NTU or the surrounding Nottingham area, including themes such as biodiversity, sustainable practices on campus and sustainable development.

The following photographs made it to the Environment Team's 'Top 5'.

Natural Trent a
Spring afternoon in the Arboretum
by Park Pui Ting Chan

After a dazzling collection of entries and popularity in submissions in Autumn 2016, the Environment Team re-ran the competition in Spring 2017, which were submitted via the team's Twitter or Instagram using #NaturalTrent or via email. Entrants were allowed to submit up to three photographs and come up with a unique caption for each.

Natural Trent c
Rooftop beauty amongst the towers of Nottingham
by Diana Pasek-Atkinson

NTU is the most sustainable university in the UK - People and Planet Green League, 2016

Natural Trent d
A bird in the hand
by Anne Adams

The Environment Team and Nottingham Trent Students Union then chose the Top-5 entries which were showcased around the University's three campuses, and on social media - for other students and staff to vote for their favourite.

Natural Trent c
Oh dear!
by Anne Adams
Natural Trent 2016
Leaf Cycle
by Esther Johnson

Last year's winner

The competition was first launched in Autumn 2016, which championed 'Leaf Cycle' by Esther Johnson as the winning entry (featured below).

#NaturalTrent may be returning in the autumn for another round of photography madness. If you've got any ideas you'd like to share about our competition or anything else environment-related, please email

#NaturalTrent winner is announced

Published on 5 June 2017
  • Category: Environment and sustainability

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