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Pack for Good: Make packing easier by donating unwanted stuff

This end of term, donate and save lives. NTU and the British Heart Foundation want your unwanted stuff to help raise money for life-saving heart research.

Donation Banks
British Heart Foundation

Over the years, universities have generated over £1.5 million from items sold in local British Heart Foundation shops. Let's keep on saving lives together. Here's how:

What to donate

Please donate your unwanted clothing, books, shoes, DVDs, CDs, clean kitchen items, accessories and small working electrical items. We cannot accept duvets or pillows.

You can find BHF bags in all Hall receptions, NTSU or on your doormat. Fill them with your unwanted items and pop them in your nearest bank to make a massive difference to charity.

Where to drop off your donations

You can find places to donate at Hall receptions, on most of the routes into the University and at the Students' Union at each campus. We have a chance of being the best donating city in the whole country, so please be generous and lug less home on the train!

For a full list and a map of locations, see the NTSU website.

Pack for Good: Make packing easier by donating unwanted stuff

Published on 9 June 2017
  • Category: Environment and sustainability

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