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Peregrine chick takes a tumble

One of NTU's resident Peregrine chicks tried an early flight that almost ended in disaster!

Peregrine Falcon chicks
Peregrine Falcon chick (stock image)
Peregrine Falcon chick (stock image)

Alarm bells rang for avid viewers of NTU's falcon cam on Thursday 1 June. One of the rapidly growing chicks took a tumble from the falcons' nesting ledge on the ninth floor of the Newton building on the City Campus.

The month-old chick was testing her new flight feathers and flew straight into her mum, knocking them both off the ledge. The adult falcon returned to the ledge within seconds but the chick was nowhere to be seen. Following an urgent call from a member of the public and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, NTU's Environment Team set out to check whether the chick was in any danger.

Following a search of Newton's green roof and street level, the chick was spotted on another ledge directly below the nest. Thankfully the chick had fallen just one metre and was absolutely fine. As the parents and other chicks still had contact with their sibling, she has been left to find her own way off the ledge once her flight muscles are strong enough.

NTU's peregrines are lucky to have so much space to practice their flying skills safely. Peregrines breeding in other locations around the UK have much less space to play with, often only having a nest box or cliff ledge from which to take their first flight.

If you would like to find out more about the peregrines and see them in action, come along to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's Peregrine Watch on Saturday 17 June between 10.30 am and 2 pm. Falcon specialist Martin Willis will be there with telescopes and binoculars to allow you to see the peregrines as never before.

Peregrine chick takes a tumble

Published on 6 June 2017
  • Category: Environment and sustainability

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