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Play for Fun, and reap the rewards

Everybody likes something for free, and even better, something that is earned. For all participants at NTU Play for Fun sessions, the more sessions you attend, the more you win. This is part of the new rewards programme that has been implemented this year.

James Walker - P4F
James Walker was presented with his pink NTU Sport t-shirt after attending five sessions at the start of term

Sign in for just five sessions across the 34 on offer at all three campuses, and you’ll win a free pink active t-shirt with NTU Sport logo on the chest. We hope that you’ve enjoyed attending sessions so much that you keep coming, so sign in for five more (for a total of 10) and win a pair of NTU Sport branded flip-flops. By now, it’s likely that you’ve found a new sport you love, and so on your 20th sign in we will give you a black active t-shirt with a “20” beneath the NTU Sport logo.

The first of these rewards for 2017 was awarded to James Walker, a student on MSc Biodiversity Conservation at Brackenhurst. James attended Running sessions & “Bracktive” sessions in the Welcome Week and first weeks of term.

James spoke of what physical activity he was doing before joining NTU: “I used to play for the hockey team as an undergrad at a different university, as well as various spells of running and going to the gym.” His praise of his own enjoyment in the Play for Fun programme was clear, and particularly of having a trained run leader to give hints and tips: “I’ve enjoyed the variety of sports and learning the proper techniques for running. I realise I had been putting myself under unnecessary punishment in the past!”

He was keen to advise others to get involved too, with the benefits of getting out of the library to go on runs a key part of its appeal. “With a masters you have to hit the ground running early - I definitely feel to be more productive by keeping active throughout the week”.

With so much available to you through Play for Fun, you can get rewards for your attendance easily, and they can go beyond the t-shirts and flip-flops available to you. The benefits of physical activity are numerous, and you will start to see the positive impact on your health, wellbeing and also your studies.

Check out the NTU Play for Fun website for the Term 1 timetable of events. To get your first reward, make sure you sign in at reception before you play, and don’t forget to have fun!

Play for Fun, and reap the rewards

Published on 6 November 2017
  • Category: Sport

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