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Business savvy postgraduate students showcase their ideas and concepts

Unleashing their creativity, students present their business proposals to peers and module leader, Kostas Galanakis for an open discussion.

Testing their business pitching skills, students were challenged by module leader Kostas Galanakis along with their peers to present and further develop their skills and understanding of the issues that may face their business proposals.

The activity was a key part of the module, Uncap Creativity & Innovation, which is designed to explore contemporary developments in innovation and assess how they shape the innovation process.

The students business ideas included, a camping app based on a similar business model used by Airbnb, the online marketplace offering short term lodging, a social community building platform bringing together like-minded young people, and a drinks ordering mobile app designed to decrease customer waiting time.

Katie Tinsley who presented her business ideas alongside her team said “The experience was a great way to showcase our ideas. It was a challenging way of displaying business concept as it restricted the amount of content we were able to showcase therefore encouraging the team to discuss and explain ideas independently.”

Jordan Freer presenting his business ideas alongside his team

Another student who also presented his ideas, Jordan Freer, explained "The activity in particular really allowed me to explore in depth into finding where value is created, how to make that value stand out, and how to make it desirable to a customer. Other modules have covered this but not to this extent, and so in my future thinking I will definitely be taking this more in depth analysis into consideration to be more effective in my business positioning."

This type of presentation task is designed to makes students think and challenge them further to consider the things they may not have thought about when putting their business ideas together. The module supporting this activity is one of the key modules within the MSc Entrepreneurship course and is also incorporated in other courses such as the MBA and MSc Management and Innovation & Enterprise.

MSc Entrepreneurship course leader Kostas Galanakis said “The activity is a great opportunity to challenge students perceptions and make them think differently. It helps students to position their ideas in a wider context and think about the role of innovation within current complex markets. The evolution of ideas throughout the duration of the module is fantastic to see as students learn to challenge their own ideas and think more critically about their business proposals.”

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