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Catering department analyse food waste for NUS Green Impact

For this year's Green Impact Project, Hospitality & Catering have been getting to the bottom of their food waste.

Graph showing food waste in City Taste outlets

Catering and Hospitality at Nottingham Trent University have achieved a project award for their NUS Green Impact work this year.

The Green Impact scheme allows teams of staff to carry out their own project in order to become more sustainable. Last year, Catering and Hospitality did great work weighing all their food waste at the prep and spoilage stages. This year, they have built on this by analysing the data to determine where the patterns lie and therefore how the amount of wastage can be addressed.

Looking forward, the team are taking steps to help tackle more than just food waste. Lots of work has gone into researching and testing alternative takeaway containers and cutlery to help tackle the issue of single-use plastics, supported by the Sustainable Development Team's Plastic Planet campaign. Keep your eyes peeled for improvements next year at Taste catering outlets.

If your team would like to take part in a sustainability project next academic year, please get in touch at