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Sport Alumni Fund opens

The NTU Sport Scholarship Alumni Fund has opened, and athletes are encouraged to apply to make the most of this additional support before 23/06/18.


The Alumni Sport Scholarship fund has opened. £2,500 is available to support an exceptional current student athlete or athletes who are not currently a Nottingham Trent Sport Scholar but compete at a national or international level in their chosen sport.

The Alumni Fund is a way that former students support current students by donating money into a collective fund.

For over ten years many of our alumni have given back to the University to enable the project funds which support and benefit current students in their sporting development.

To be eligible to apply students must fulfil the following criteria: 
1. Be a current NTU student
2. Not be currently receiving a Sport Scholarship from NTU
3. Compete at a national or international level in your chosen sport

To be considered for this award, current students will need to fill out this form.

Students have until Friday 22nd June 2018 to apply by sending the application form via email to quoting ‘Alumni Fund 2017/18’ as the subject heading.

The NTU Sport panel will then assess all applications and award the fund to the athlete or athletes who best fulfil this criteria.

Successful applicants will be expected to provide statements and photos of themselves competing so that the impact of the funding can be reported back to donors.

More information on this will be provided to successful applicants on confirmation of the award.

Published on 7 June 2018
  • Category: Sport