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Trainee Teachers inspired on their last day by Steve Frampton MBE

Associate of Colleges (AoC), President-Elect, Steve Frampton MBE, spoke to Post Compulsory Education and Training trainees on the last day of their course to inspire and answer questions.

Steve Brampton 1
Steve Frampton MBE

From 2005 to 2018, Steve Frampton MBE was principal of Portsmouth College, a rapidly growing and innovative stand-alone community SFC and winner of the Association of Colleges Beacon Award for Collaboration (2011) and the Use of Technology to Improve Learning (2017). He was appointed as the next AoC President in May 2018.

In 2017, Steve’s career was recognised at the highest level with an MBE award for Services to Education in the Queen’s New Year Honours.

During his keynote speech, Steve explained how he introduced a system in which all 1,400 students and staff used Apple iPad Mini’s and how the fully interactive system works.

He also discussed how he implemented a new timetable that started the day at 10am and only included two three-hour lessons a day, resulting in three consecutive government inspections showing that it has produced better results academically.

Steve said: “I was very honoured to be here today especially in my new role as the President of the AoC. I think it is really important that we have access to PGCE students to inspire them because they are our future labour force”.

“What we’ve tried to do today is share the journey of the college, how we’ve changed things over time, how we’ve listened to young people, how we’ve worked with our staff to do it and hopefully it might be an inspirational tale for some of the students at NTU”.

“It’s interesting to speak to students at the end of their course and to have a look at how things can be different. We hope that by hearing about a College that is radically different, they can go into their future Colleges inspired and work on potential changes as long as it’s for the benefit of young people as this is what it’s all about.”

He added: “What we need to realise is that the whole success of the profession going forward will be about recruiting and retaining absolutely fantastic lecturers and teachers, so the more that we can do to help and inspire them we’re pleased to do that.”

Angela Schofield, Course Leader for Post Compulsory Education and Training said: "Steve‘s talk on the last day of the course was inspirational and has put a positive outlook on the post-compulsory sector. The trainees have spent an academic year in placement where often data, funding and the Ofsted Framework are focal points, often meaning that innovation and possibilities for creativity are often dampened whilst they try to make sense of everything that is required in their role."

"His talk enabled them to see hope again, and their role in inspiring change so that the pedagogical approaches meet the needs of the learners and that of the labour market. A very positive end to a very long and hard year!"

For more information about studying Post Compulsory Education and Training at Nottingham Trent University, please visit this page.