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From pop-up shop to QVC - NBS alumni becomes supplier for QVC male grooming products

Nottingham Business School alumni and entrepreneur Shaun Purewal anticipated a surge of interest in Debonair For Men’s male grooming after being selected as a supplier to QVC.

Founded in 2015, it was a significant moment in the short history of the fast-growing company which once sold its products from pop-up retail kiosks in shopping centres.

Landing the QVC deal has given this undiscovered British brand the opportunity to gain a share of the £600m male grooming market and raise awareness of the company. Shaun launched the company with the support of his family after failing to find products to nurture and care for his own hair and beard. Since launching, it has built up a portfolio of hair and facial products aimed at the discerning male.

QVC  showcased two exclusive Debonair For Men male grooming kits, with Shaun joining the main presenter on-screen on Tuesday 25 September to promote the products.

Shaun, aged 25, said: “This is a real turning point for the business. To secure a spot on the UK’s largest shopping channel is a real indication of the quality of the product and confidence in us as a company. Getting products onto any channel, let alone QVC, is a challenge which only a few products from thousands achieve, so given our size and that we are fairly new in the market this is amazing. A lot of effort has been put into developing these products and establishing the brand over the past four years. I drew on my experiences as a youngster watching my dad shave as well as my own quest of looking for quality products for my own beard. My appearance is very important to me. I know I am not alone, with lots of men, particularly young men like me, whose beard is very much about how they look and feel. Male grooming shows no signs of slowing down and Debonair For Men’s products have been purposely created to fit a need in the male grooming market.”

More information about Debonair For Men can be found on the company website.

From pop-up shop to QVC - NBS alumni becomes supplier for QVC male grooming products

Published on 28 September 2018
  • Category: Business; Nottingham Business School

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