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Nottingham Institute of Education launch education blog

Nottingham Institute of Education (NIE) have launched an education blog after requests from partner providers and those who work with NIE, who were interested in the opinions of academics: people who spend their lives working in, studying, and researching education.


Members of NIE's experienced team will contribute to the blog, sharing their expertise and opinion on a wide range of teaching topics such as policy changes, tips for teachers, research and more.

Chris Rolph, Principal Lecturer said: "For our part we often see great practice and read stimulating articles in the course of our research, but don’t always have simple ways to share this. So the blog offers a way to provide simple and succinct summaries of our work. We hope you enjoy reading it, and perhaps contribute too, either through comments or as a guest blogger."

Latest blog posts include:

  • When more means less
    Principal Lecturer, Chris Rolph discusses over 2000 headteachers converging on Downing Street to deliver a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, asking for better funding for schools.
  • The French mobile phone ban
    Principal Lecturer, Chris Rolph comments on the new law in France banning children under the age of 15 from taking phones, tablets or smart watches to school following a parliamentary vote in June.

You can access and follow the blog online.

Published on 25 September 2018
  • Subject area: Teacher training, education and childhood and youth studies
  • Category: Nottingham Institute of Education