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Meet Gina Rieck..

As part of This Girl Can Week, we spoke to Gina who tells us about her love for table tennis and why she loves representing her club in competitions.

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Gina Rieck

Gina Rieck

Year of study:  First Year
Course studied: Business Management (In-Company)

What sports do you play: Table tennis
How often: about three times a week

What is your best sporting achievement? - Regional champion in Germany

How do you feel when you are competing in your chosen sport?

I love playing table tennis. Representing my club or the university at matches or competitions is an honour and makes me realise what I have achieved. But it is also about the community, being together with people that have the same passion. It is an incredible mix of hard work and doing what you love at the same time to achieve your goals.

Do you think it is important for women to be well represented in sport? (Why)

Yes, it is very important. If women are well represented in sport it might encourage more girls to start and compete in a sport. Through representation more female role models can be created who show women what is possible and what they can achieve.

What are the benefits sport and physical activity can offer to people?

Obviously, sport helps you to live a healthier lifestyle which is really good for your physical and mental well-being. It can relieve stress and improve your experience at university, school or work life. It helps me to come down so when I have to do my work I am more focused because I have a balanced lifestyle.

Do you have a female role model that you most identify with and why?

My female role model is Bethany Hamilton. She was an American professional surfer who survived a shark attack. Unfortunately she lost one of her arms during the accident. But after the accident she didn’t give up.
She trained a lot to find a way to continue surfing and managed to get back to the top. Now she is one of the best female surfers in he world. This tragic story shows that you should never give up on what you love.

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Published on 23 November 2018
  • Category: Sport