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Meet Katy Wilson

Sport has helped Katy make new friends and learn new things. As part of This Girl Can Week, Katy tells us why she loves playing tennis and why Serena Williams is her sporting role model.

TGC Profile Katy Wilson
Katy Wilson

Katy Wilson

Year of study: Year 1
Course studied: Joint Honours in Early Years with Special and Inclusive Education

What sports do you play: Tennis
How often: Three times a week plus matches.

What is your best sporting achievement? - My best sporting achievement is representing my county at every age group since the age of 8. I also feel it’s an achievement that I continue to do so now and love every minute of it.

Do you think it is important for women to be well represented in sport? (Why)

Of course. Women are there to show all females that we are great. We can achieve anything, and girls should aspire to be as good as they can, and that will only happen if they see and hear of the achievements our female athletes make.

What are the benefits sport and physical activity can offer to people?

It can offer new friends who share similar interests. It offers new career paths for people who are passionate about their sport.

It can offer you a better lifestyle as you’ll obviously keep fitter and be a healthier human being. It can help you gain confidence or learn a new skill that you didn’t know you could do.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating to try a new sport or activity?

Do it, the worst thing that could happen is that you won’t be very good. That doesn’t matter, everybody who started sport had to start from scratch, we all had to learn how to do our sport and most of us are still learning now. Just do it, you’ll make new friends and you’ll probably find you love it and wonder why you didn’t start it years ago. And if you don’t then try a different sport/ activity. Just keep trying till you find one. Personally, I was rubbish at Swimming, Ice-skating, Gymnastics, all sorts, but I eventually found I could play tennis!

Do you have a female role model that you most identify with and why? (Doesn’t have to be sport-related)

Serena Williams – She closes the gap between Men and Women in tennis. She is strong, she is powerful, and she is beautiful. She has also just had a child but refused to give up playing the sport, which I think is amazing. She has her ups and downs in the media, but she is a true competitor and has a real love for the sport.

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Published on 23 November 2018
  • Category: Sport