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Meet Lucy Adams

Sport helps Lucy feel happy and refreshed. As part of This Girl Can Week, Lucy tells us about her karate experiences and why stereotypes around combat sports need to be changed.

TGC Profile Lucy Adams
Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams

Year of study: Year 2
Course studied: Sports science with management

What sports do you play: Karate
How often: 4 times a week

What is your best sporting achievement? - Bronze in the AMA International Championships.

How do you feel when you are competing in your chosen sport?

When I do kata – a sequence of movements - I get really nervous before as you are the only one on the mat. However once I am up there I forget about everything and just perform without even thinking about what I am doing.

When I do kumite – fighting - again I get really nervous. However hearing my name being cheered on helps a lot. I feel a massive adrenaline rush when I am fighting as the pressure really is on. It makes me more motivated.

Do you think it is important for women to be well represented in sport? (Why)

Yes it is, because young girls learn from their external environment and if they consistently see from a young age that women don’t participate in many combat sports they will be influenced by this and probably won’t try them.
This stereotype needs to change and media is the way forward. If my parents didn’t encourage me to try out when I was five, no way would I be where I am now.

What are the benefits sport and physical activity can offer to people?

For me, no matter how I am feeling before I exercise, I always end up feeling more refreshed and happy after physical activity. It also helps prevent illness and disease in the future which allows you to have a more pleasant lifestyle.

For me as a student, sport has many benefits regarding the social element. I enjoy seeing my friends at training.

Do you have a female role model that you most identify with and why?

Not really. I find it really inspiring when I see people of my age and ability do well at competitions because I know if I work I am capable of the same.

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Published on 22 November 2018
  • Category: Sport