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Meet Kirkke Põldsalu

As part of Global Week, we spoke to Kirkke, who tells us about her biggest achievement in sport and how equestrian riding helped her feel less homesick and relives stress.

Photo of NTU Student Kirkke

Year of study: Second
Course studied: BSc Forensic Science

What sports do you play: Equestrian
How often: Once a week + 4 BUCS league competitions

How did you get into sport? Whether this was for the first time at university or from a young age.

I started riding when I was about 11 years old. Funnily, I was actually very scared of horses when I was young, but one time I decided to go to riding lesson with my friend and I absolutely loved it! Somehow, I got over my fear of horses and haven't looked back since.

How do you feel when you are competing in or playing your chosen sport?

I feel like I'm in my element and doing what I love. When I'm competing, the only thing on my mind is to give 110% of myself and do as best as I can and I feel like my team is helping me to achieve that. Competing at university gives a new side to the performance sport. I have a team that supports me and we are all just rooting for each other- this is something quite unique in the equestrian world, where you are competing individually most of the time.

International students might find themselves feeling homesick or isolated at university – do you think sport can help in any way?

Most definitely, I was feeling quite homesick in my first year of university and riding was something that reminded me of home the most. Training also helped me to relieve stress and put my mind off of missing family and friends back at home. Joining a sport club also helps to connect with like-minded people and being in a team gave me a sense of belonging.

What is your best achievement during your time at university so far - either in or out of sport?

Winning our BUCS home competition with my team and coming 6th individually has been a highlight of my time at university so far.

We spoke to Kirkke as part of NTU Global week running 25 February - 04 March, where NTU Sport are taking the opportunity to celebrate our multinational community and highlight how sport and physical activity can enhance your university experience and bring people together!

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Published on 26 February 2019
  • Category: Sport