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Meet Marta Juhkami

As part of Global Week, we spoke to Marta, who tells us about the special bond between her and the horse she rides and why joining the Equestrian Team is her biggest sporting achievement so far.

Image of NTU student Marta as part of Global Week

Year of study: First year
Course studied: Fashion Marketing and Branding

What sports do you play: Equestrian
How often: twice a week

How did you get into sport? Whether this was for the first time at university or from a young age.

I was eight years old when my mum and I were planning my summer holiday and I signed up for a riding camp where I had my first horse riding experience. I loved every minute at the camp and thoroughly enjoyed my first encounter of riding and handling the horses. I have not looked back since and after 11 years of training and competing, I can genuinely say that horses and equestrian sport is my passion.

How do you feel when you are competing in or playing your chosen sport?

I feel competitive, confident and motivated. Just the thought that this powerful animal trusts me, makes me feel loved. In equestrian world, there is no such thing as absolutely perfect.

The fact that every single training session is different and challenging is certainly keeping me focused and motivated. More importantly, when the hard work pays off and you are able to see rewarding results, is very empowering indeed. The cooperation and partnership between a horse and the rider is just an amazing feeling!

International students might find themselves feeling homesick or isolated at university – do you think sport can help in any way?

Definitely! I would say that this is not only a problem for international students, it is very common amongst the British students as well. Joining the NTU Equestrian team has helped me to settle in much quicker than I expected. You develop a routine which helps you to keep busy and stay focused and you will have less time to become homesick. Also, you will meet new people who might be your first new friends and help you to feel more at home.

What is your best achievement during your time at university so far - either in or out of sport?

Having been offered this great opportunity to join the Equestrian Team is certainly my biggest achievement so far. I am grateful that I have been able to continue training and carry on with my biggest hobby and passion while studying. It is such an honour to compete and represent Nottingham Trent University at BUCS competitions.

We spoke to Marta as part of NTU Global week running 25 February - 04 March, where NTU Sport are taking the opportunity to celebrate our multinational community and highlight how sport and physical activity can enhance your university experience and bring people together!

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Published on 26 February 2019
  • Category: Sport