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Meet Stephanie Ho

As part of Global Week, we spoke to Stephanie, who tells us how Play for Fun sessions are a great way to make new friends and how she has developed plenty of great new skills thanks to sport.

Picture of NTU Student Stephanie Ho

Year of study: Third Year
Course studied: BA (Hons) Marketing

What sports do you play: Volleyball, rock-climbing and badminton
How often: Every Monday,Thursday and Sunday

How did you get into sport?

I started playing volleyball and badminton when I was in grade seven. Volleyball has been my favourite sport in the last ten years, and I joined the NTU Volleyball team after beginning my studies at NTU. I stopped playing badminton in Grade eight because I thought badminton was boring.

However, I was wrong. After starting at NTU, my friends invited me to go to a Badminton Play For Fun session. I have met many talented people and learnt different skills from them. Now, I find playing badminton fun. I’ve been rock-climbing since 2016 and I used to climb outdoors. Now, I also do indoor rock-climbing and bouldering both since starting here at NTU.

How do you feel when you are competing in or playing your chosen sport?

I feel so excited and have a lot of fun while playing sports. I love it because I can learn different skills and techniques and make friends at the same time. Every time we form a team and compete with other sides, it helps to makes strong friendships. Also, by practising different sports, I build-up my confidence and improve myself physically and mentally.

International students might find themselves feeling homesick or isolated at university – do you think sport can help in any way?

I personally do not feel homesick. However, I believe doing your favourite sports and making new friends may help distract you from feeling lonely and sad.

What is your best achievement during your time at university so far - either in or out of sport?

My best achievement is that I have developed and improved my techniques in playing different sports. I have received great training and valuable advice in both the team I play for and via Play for Fun. If you are willing to learn, they are willing to teach.

We spoke to Stephanie as part of NTU Global week running 25 February - 04 March, where NTU Sport are taking the opportunity to celebrate our multinational community and highlight how sport and physical activity can enhance your university experience and bring people together!

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Meet Stephanie Ho

Published on 26 February 2019
  • Category: Sport

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