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Nottingham Business School host the annual Global Responsibility Week with academics from around the globe.

Global Responsibility Week is organised each year to facilitate integration between global academic colleagues and their knowledge.

Global Responsibility Week lecturers

The annual event brings together colleagues from partner institutions around the world who present and share their expertise in a variety of topics. This year topics such as leadership, sustainable finance and management of human capital were explored.

As part of the week long event Nottingham Business School hosted a number of students from LUISS Business School and Tilburg School of Economics and Management. The students had the opportunity to participate in sessions that were being held by our international colleagues.

Students from LUISS and Tilburg

Leadership seminar by Angela Sutan

Angela Sutan from Burgundy School of Business joined the Global Responsibility Week to discuss the impact of leadership for sustainable organisations. Angela is a professor in behavioural and experimental economics in the Management faculty of Burgundy School of Business.

Her seminar was a reflection of how the strategic environment shapes business behaviour and identifying the characteristics of a "sophisticated  leader". She focused on cost-benefit analysis and discussed how relevant information can support transformative decisions.

Global Responsibility Week lecturers 2

Sustainable Finance seminar by Cesar Fueutes

Cesar Fuentes is a Professor in Economics and Finance faculty of ESPM in Brazil. His expertise include international finance, Applied Econometrics and economic modelling.

The seminar concentrated on evolving models for responsible finance and links to investment and finance. He explored how these concepts and active participation in them can battle social issues such as poverty and increase financial inclusion.

Global Responsibility Week lecturers 3

Entrepreneurship case studies and skill sessions by Giannina Castro Gamarra and Varkey George

Giannina Castro Gammara is from University of ESAN, Peru and her area of expertise is operations management. She is a university professor and has professional experience as an engineer for over 20 years.

Giannina explored the obstacles female entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean face as the business owners and even though through obstacles and vulnerabilities, the success and impact of the businesses.

Varkey George from University of Stellenbosch in South Africa is one of the leading practitioners of social entrepreneurship in South Africa.He has acquired experience from a range of industries and sectors which include setting up projects, job creation and transforming businesses to independent entities.

He joined with us to discuss the development theories to do business in social, public and private sectors. The focus underlined on the concept of social entrepreneur.

This event facilitates the mobility of knowledge from international academics and integration of the new knowledge with our current postgraduate community.

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