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All three Peregrine Falcon eggs at NTU have hatched!

NTU resident falcons have successfully hatched all three eggs over the hot Easter weekend.

Peregrine Falcons
Peregrine Falcons

Since March 14th when the pair of urban peregrine falcons laid the first of three eggs, they have captivated thousands with their activities.

The female falcon, Mrs P had been incubating the eggs for around five weeks whilst her partner Archie was predominately responsible for the hunting. From nest sites such as that on our Newton building, peregrines can reach over 200 miles an hour while swooping down on their prey, making it the fastest bird in the world. Now that all three eggs have hatched and the chicks are already growing so fast, both parents can be seen offering regular feeds to the young.

Regular viewers of the falcon livestream were apprehensive this breeding season. Last March, the livestream offered a different insight into the life of this bird of prey amidst the snow storms and freezing temperatures.

However, we are all relieved and excited to see that the three falcon chicks are already growing up so fast and appear to be in great health with regular feeds from their parents. Be sure to catch all the action on our falcon livestream accessed from the NTU Sustainability website.

The Sustainable Development Team also post regular updates on social media pages Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Published on 8 May 2019
  • Category: Environment and sustainability