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Green Rewards launch for students

Green Rewards is our exciting new student and staff platform using gamification to incentivise and reward more sustainable and wellbeing lifestyle choices. This enables both the individual and NTU to improve its sustainability performance.

How does it work?

To activate your account either visit or download the free app to earn points on go. When you’ve signed up, you'll compete both individually and as part of a team or school to earn 'Green Points' for your actions. There are a wide range of actions that you can earn points for under several different themes, for example My Carbon Footprint, My Resources. These follow the United Nations 17  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Each activity has a full description of what you'll need to do to earn points - some require a submission that you can make through the website, whilst others invite you to report on weekly basis.

Points win prizes!

Each month there are four £20 vouchers (two staff and two student) up for grabs for the top points earners. If you're a winner you'll get to choose a voucher from: Love2Shop, your local Cinema, John Lewis, National Book Token, Costa Coffee eGfit and NTSU Smartcard top-up. So, it pays to get involved and keep earning those Green Points!

Please note: you will only be able to win one voucher within a 6-month period.

Every 6 months there will also be £200 worth of charity donations for the team that earns the most points per person, with four shortlisted charities to choose from. You can vote for your favourite charity at any point on the Green Rewards homepage.

Please contact the NTU Sustainable Development Team if you have any queries.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418