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ARES appoint Senior Visiting Fellow Dr Helen Warren

Dr Helen Warren, Senior Visiting Fellow to the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences.

Dr Helen Warren
Dr Helen Warren

Dr Helen Warren is the European Technical Manager (Ruminants & Horses) for Alltech Ltd. and is Chair of British Society of Animal Science Stakeholder’s Committee and Trustee of the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS).

In 2017 Helen Warren acted as a PhD external examiner for a NTU poultry nutrition studentship and has delivered guest lectures on dairy science to the undergraduate animal science courses. Helen has also intellectually and practically supported several other NTU research projects, including provision of a bank of barley samples for a cereals project, and equipment for the assessment of particle size post digestion.

More recently, Helen worked over a 2-year period to develop a project addressing gaps in poultry nutrition, which has come to fruition as an Alltech supported PhD studentship at NTU.

Alltech run a global Young Scientist program which is a fantastic opportunity for both undergraduate and post graduate students to participate in a competition within the area of agriculture and food science. This program has proven to be an excellent route for our students to showcase their talent and excellence on a global stage with success in the past including European/African regional winner in 2017 (UG) and 2013 (PG). Helen is a highly active ambassador for this programme and has provided targeted support to NTU to increase student engagement in this programme.

The School of ARES employability team are committed to improving Graduate Outcomes by working as closely as possible with academic teams, industry specialists and are actively developing ever closer working relationships. The employability manager is a member of the BSAS Stakeholder Committee and the purpose of this committee is to stimulate the incorporation of advances from research in animal science into practice and facilitate networking and communication between academia and industry.

Through the proposed senior visiting fellow role, the School Employability Manager is keen to work with Dr Helen Warren to develop a formal academic partnership programme through the BSAS which will support student placements, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities, graduate schemes and enhanced career development for our animal science cluster of courses.

The School of ARES see this Senior Visiting Fellow nomination as a great opportunity to strengthen our links with industry, increase exposure and contact with industry specialists and help to develop a wider range of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students and this will help to further enhance the student experience and graduate outcomes for a range of courses in our portfolio.

Published on 11 February 2020
  • Category: Research; School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences