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#WeAreCreatives Student Spotlight: Annalise Burton

Discover and celebrate the work of the School of Art & Design's graduating students.

Bunyip (Caliban), Annalise Burton, BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making

We Are Creatives Student spotlight

Annalise Burton, BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making

My work

Inspired by my upbringing in rural Australia my costumes were designed for a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’, reworked to be set in colonial Australia. I researched elements of aboriginal history and narrative to translate the story into a greater diversity and inclusivity.

Characters Bunyip (Caliban) and George (Gonzalo) were influenced by the natural Australian environment. The characters were chosen based on their contrasting designs and the different techniques required to construct them. Bunyip was formed from a collection of materials including embroidery, foam and EXpandIT, the 145 embroidered fungus pieces themselves consist of 50,000m of thread. George’s costume has been drafted using historical research from the 19th century. The greatcoats exterior was created using a flour paste and folded to form the cracks.

George (Gonzalo), Annalise Burton, BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making

I was sponsored to study at NTU by my community back in Australia

Growing up on a 900-acre cattle property meant my childhood was spent outside amongst animals and the beautiful Australian landscape, these memories regularly inspire my design process. Throughout High School I became very fond of textiles and pursued this passion further by going to a fashion college in Australia. At college I discovered that character costuming was an area I wished to engage in professionally and the local community where I grew up rallied together to get the funding and support for me to pursue my dream internationally.

My journey studying at Nottingham Trent University has been an unforgettable experience. The course has been more than I ever imagined. It has supported my growth in both design and making sectors immensely and I am leaving university with a confident attitude and a wealth of skills ready to take on what the professional industry has to offer.

We are

As a Costume Design and Making Community, WE ARE passionate, WE ARE creative thinkers and WE ARE industry ready!

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Published on 10 July 2020
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