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ARES Course Leader and Professor collaborate with the Environmental Agency to publish new book titled ‘Statistics in R for Biodiversity Conservation'

Course leader in Biodiversity Conservation, Dr Antonio Uzal, has collaborated with Carl Smith, Professor in Natural History at ARES, and Mark Warren, a Senior Data Scientist at the Environmental Agency to publish their new book titled ‘Statistics in R for Biodiversity Conservation’.

Screen shot of book front cover

The book was created with students in mind, making sure this extra resource could benefit them during their study time - Antonio went on to explain more about the book.

“This book originated from conversations between Carl and myself about how we could provide our post graduate students with a consolidated resource that would help their learning,” Antonio explained to us. “I have been the module leader for Research Methods and Data Analysis, the only core module across all our post graduate provision. The statistics part of this module was already delivered through a number of tutorials that students could follow during workshops and in their own time. This book is the next step in this type of delivery, even more important in the current climate” Antonio went on to say.

“Carl led the writing of the book, based on some materials I previously developed plus his own novel materials. My role was to use my pedagogic experience teaching stats to fine-tune its content, add content and identify topics that student would need further help with.”

The book itself is self-edited and all profits will be given to a local wildlife rescue organisation. The book will be provided chapter by chapter to students studying the module to support with learning, Antonio also went on to say, “We see this book as an ongoing project and some other chapters might be added, and likely another version directed to our animal welfare/equine students will be written in the future.”

Published on 22 September 2020
  • Category: School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences