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Chlöe Payne

This week we are celebrating some of the volunteers within our NTU community!


Name: Chlöe Payne

Age: 21

Course: Fashion Communication and Promotion

Year of Study: 3rd/Final Year

Volunteering Activity: President of Trent Dance

What does this involve?

This involves being the main point of call for the club, organising & planning events from the AGM to the annual show, as well as leading classes and choreographing dances.

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because I have a genuine love for the club and its members. I had the best time as a member of Trent Dance during my first two years, and therefore I wanted to give something back by volunteering as President. I felt like I had the qualities to make a good leader of the club and do the role well.

What do you think the benefits are of volunteering?

One of the benefits you gain from volunteering is the experience; there is a level of professionalism that comes with the role, that can be later applied to employment. Also, another benefit is that you are highly involved in the club which enables you, alongside other members of the committee, to make the decisions that will benefit your members and as a result lead to success for the club. A final benefit is that volunteering will boost your skill set; you are able to put into practice skills such as organisation, time management and leadership. This will be beneficial in terms of employment as you can use specific examples as evidence of these skills.

What has been your favourite moment as an NTU Sport volunteer?

My favourite moment has been getting to build a close relationship with my committee and club members. This has made every achievement throughout the year, such as holding a sell out show and winning awards at competitions, that bit more special.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in volunteering?

100% go for it and get involved! You gain so much on both a personal and professional level. Being an NTU Sport volunteer has been the best part of my final year at university – I would do it all again if I could!