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Introducing JOIN: a digital community platform to connect and empower young creatives

The School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University is a collaborative, multicultural community of 3,500 creative minds.

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The School of Art & Design is launching JOIN, a new digital platform and creative collective community initiative for all students to connect with each other and the outside world.

In a challenging and changing environment, this non-curricular digital space aims to enable, empower and encourage young creatives from every course area to interact with each other. Subjects will range from global to personal topics, to improve individual well-being and establish a sense of community purpose.

Spanning sessions of collective conversation, collaboration, advice, questions, humour, challenge and celebration, JOIN will offer a weekly series of activities, events and opportunities to explore new ways of thinking, creating, working, innovating, and inspiring. The aim is to link with industry partners, new thinkers, creative practitioners, innovators, and more.

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We’re looking for willing creative professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and practitioners with something to say.

Anything goes when it comes to subject matter; the only real requirement is passion for what you do, human connection and an open conversation. We’re open to ideas and inspiration.

Interested? Could you…

  • share something about your creative journey, current business, or practice?
  • spark a discussion related to something important to you or your organisation?
  • show us around your studio, sketchbook, offices, or place of inspiration?
  • share your response to what's going on in the world/current affairs?
  • introduce us to a creative output or interest (the list isn’t limited to art and design alone)?

We would like between 60 to 90 minutes of your time to share insights, ideas, new ways of thinking, advice, and inspiration with our creative community online.

You can get involved any time this academic year, between November 2020 and July 2021.

Dates and timings are flexible – sessions can involve individual leads or small groups, or can be pre-recorded videos – and we can support with software setup and facilitate where needed.

JOIN us: To get in touch, chat through ideas and explore ways of getting involved, please contact, NTU Strategic Partnerships Manager (Creative and Digital).

Visit this page for a snapshot of what happened during our JOIN 2020 summer trial programme.

Published on 22 October 2020
  • Category: Business; Culture; Curated & Created; Current students; School of Art & Design