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Neil Dean A. Bretania

Volunteer week profile!


Name: Neil Dean A. Bretania

Age:  22

Course: Ba (Hons) Biomedical Science

Year of Study: 3 (Final)

Volunteering Activity: Badminton Play for Fun Session Leader

What does this involve?

Being able to effectively communicate to a sizeable group of students interested in Badminton, and organising them into games, making sure numbers are even and that teams are not biased (in terms of ability). Given that there is usually upwards of 8 people on one court there is a possibility of incidents occurring, so, a safety-first approach is needed which in this case just means being aware of how they are playing, if they’re too rough with smashes and such, and telling them to take it down a notch. Thankfully this is rare.

The play for fun sessions are just that, for fun, nothing too competitive as it is open for all abilities.

Why do you volunteer?

Aside from something more I can beef up my CV with, Badminton is my sport. In sports everyone has that one they prefer, or just want to focus on, and that is badminton for me. Though I knew when this volunteering opportunity was presented to me that it would be less about me playing and more leading the games and activities, the idea of gaining a new perspective on the sport intrigued me.

What do you think the benefits are of volunteering?

I saw this as an opportunity to develop or improve skills that I do not tend to practice as much such as public speaking, actually teaching some badminton, and taking a leadership role, to name a few. Through volunteering, I was able to teach those who do not play regularly, as well as learn from those that do.

What has been your favourite moment as an NTU Sport volunteer?

The people. The people I meet in the sessions are diverse and interesting, and every session has been a unique experience because of them, making being a session leader all the more enjoyable.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in volunteering?

Go. For. It.