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The Big House Elevator series turns 10

Nottingham Trent University will launch the tenth instalment of its Big House Elevator workshop series, which will take place virtually in January 2021. The recurring series features themed workshops designed to support small and medium enterprises within the creative and digital sectors in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

The Big House

Since 2017, the Elevator series has supported over 230 SMEs to review their business plans and models, as well as helping them to refresh key strategic areas such as marketing, sales and finance. Events have been made available online, through real-time interactive sessions on Microsoft Teams since March this year.

Starting in January 2021, creative and digital businesses who are eligible for The Big House programme can attend the following online events:

There have been various iterations of the series as the programme has developed. Previous Big House workshops from NTU have been themed around digital marketing strategy, and understanding investment readiness and pitching to representatives from the Knowledge Transfer Network. As a result of the event support, networks and suppliers, SMEs have opened premises, hired new employees, brought new products to market, and have gained clarity and confidence with running their business.

We asked a few businesses who have recently completed our series of events to reflect on the programme:

When we engaged with The Big House, our business had reached a point where we need to improve our digital offering, re-evaluate and refocus. COVID-19 changed our planned activity enormously, so being involved with these events felt like someone had our back. Talking with the team at NTU has helped us pinpoint our immediate actions and the training and workshops further motivated us, ready to face whatever is ahead of us. I especially like the fact that you are with other creatives who are literally in the same situation and really get what it is like in our market.

Wendy Walker, Ovy Design, participant from Elevator series 8

The Big House workshops are fantastic. For someone like myself, who is full of enthusiasm and passion, but lacks a lot of the knowledge, these workshops do a great job of cutting through the jargon and confusion, giving simple and useful advice that really helps you to improve how you run your own ship and answer questions you never thought of asking. They also give you lots of opportunity to think about your own business and get help and advice tailored to what you do. In addition, it does not cost you a penny. Highly recommended.

Martin Grey, World Jam, participant from Elevator 9

All sessions for the upcoming 2021 series will take place over Microsoft Teams and to be split over two consecutive mornings. Events are free for eligible creative and digital SMEs based in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire. Please check eligibility criteria at

Further information

If you have any questions, or want to find out more about NTU's offer in The Big House programme, get in touch with The Big House team at

Telephone: +44 (0)115 848 4042

More about The Big House programme

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the East Midlands Engine, The Big House programme is made up of a consortium of partners, who are best placed to help lift potential ideas off the ground, support the start-up process, all the way to working with established businesses ambitious for growth. Find out more about the expertise of each of our partners, and how we can support you with the skills, knowledge and connections you need to succeed.

We have secured funding from the European Regional Development Fund which means that most services provided as part of this programme are of no cost to eligible businesses.

The Big House is one of many projects which D2N2 has supported with European funding. Further details of these projects and much more, can be found on the D2N2 Growth Hub site.

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Published on 29 October 2020
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