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IAD students produce designs for one-of-a-kind charity concept shop with Re-Fashion

Interior Architecture and Design students took part in a competition for Re-Fashion, funded by the Rieves Foundation, a registered charity focused on helping protect the environment through activities which promote sustainable fashion.

Hilda Babirye-Kagaba's interior visual for the concept charity shop

With the high street is slowly dying and the fact that a charity shop is sometimes viewed as a symbol of its demise, The Rieves Foundation believes the charity shop experience should be brilliant and deserves to be on a par with best-in-class retail environments.

The Foundation are going to open a charity concept shop in Nottingham, the first of its kind, which will be part charity shop, part community space for learning new skills such as upcycling and repair.

Students were asked to design a modern, sustainable, and functional concept charity shop that connects with a younger consumer.

Second year IAD students, Andrew Martin and Hilda Babirye-Kagaba, were announced as winners and will both receive a £250 prize.

Andrew Martin's design for the concept charity shop

Hilda’s design focused around rewinding back to a simpler time where people are brought together by experience and not just a screen. Her design aims for the store to act as a time capsule much like its donations, with the space acting as an escape from the normal day to day life. Hilda said: “Working on projects outside of your day-to-day course, though hard to juggle, I found crucial towards developing my own style without the constraints of a set curriculum brief, as I could experiment on my visuals which I later used to improve my end of year projects.”

Andrew’s presentation centred around sustainability and finding uses for waste plastic to create visual and appealing interiors, as well as supporting fellow local Nottingham based businesses. Andrew said: “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of Re-Fashion’s concept project and delighted that Re-Fashion could see my design as a reality, I look forward to speaking and working with them in the autumn on their first store. If you’re given an opportunity to showcase yourself and your talent, take it!”

First year student team; Katy Shaw, Georgia Whitworth and Kasia Szustakiewicz, were runners up, with their design tying together sustainable materials, the existing ReFashion branding and flexible features to promote a community feel.

The school is thrilled to work with the NTU Strategic Partnership team to provide students with exciting extra-curricular projects alongside their degree.

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