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Course Database

Course and module definition information is a key asset to NTU. It is imperative that NTU holds accurate information to meet external regulatory requirements, such as securing student success and providing information for students.

To aid this, CADQ is currently leading a project to establish a central Course Database. Implementing CourseLoop Lifecycle, (now known as CourseLoop Curriculum Management), a curriculum management system, course and module teams will be able to create new, or revise existing, course and modules in an intuitive user interface which is configured to the University’s academic approval framework. With automated workflows, the University will be able to easily initiate, review and approve course and module changes, maintaining all the history with definitive version management.

CourseLoop Lifecycle will further support NTU’s strategic plan to help deliver a future-facing curriculum that supports employability, professional attributes and personalised learning.

Moreover, the new intuitive system will give NTU complete confidence in the integrity of its curriculum information, supporting robust and effective governance while enabling NTU to confidently report on the curriculum at a strategic level to enable decision-making that will fundamentally benefit students’ experience and success.

The Course Database will directly support the Course Lifecycle Project’s aims and objectives.

In the future, it is anticipated that the system will also integrate with other downstream systems across NTU such as the student record system and the website.

Prior to implementation, supporting documentation will be made available to relevant parties.

This Project aims to be completed in Spring 2022 and further information will follow in the coming months.

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