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Success for All Case Studies

Colleagues across NTU have been working to understand course-specific disparities in progression, attainment and engagement, and to test and adopt relevant strategies to address these disparities.

The Success for All initiative at NTU is informed by sector research on interventions to address disparities in student engagement and outcomes. Inclusive learning at NTU invests in the following principles:

  • Learning is enriched by the varied experiences of students;
  • Accessible learning is relevant and approachable by all students;
  • The curriculum and the means of delivery are both part of this accessibility;
  • Students with full access to learning and teaching are more likely to engage with learning, and to reach their full potential. (Hockings 2010)

For three years, a Project in CADQ linked Educational Developers with academic Schools to embed inclusive pedagogies across NTU’s courses. Examples of innovative practices and interventions are provided below for colleagues to explore and adapt for their own course contexts.

Colleagues looking to introduce interventions to address disparities may also find this overview of intervention types helpful.

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