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Course Sponsor Checklist

The Course Sponsor Checklist aims to guide those developing a new course on the process and actions they must complete beginning at the initial idea right through to course set-up.

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The process of taking a course from an initial idea right through to approval and delivery is an exciting one, but ensuring that a course is cohesive and that all the correct information has been provided can sometimes be a little confusing.

To help guide individuals who are designing and developing a new course we have created the Course Sponsor Checklist. This checklist details each stage of the course design process from initial idea right through to course set up. It is styled as a list that individuals can tick off as they complete each action and ensures that the process is as streamlined as possible.

The checklist includes:

  • Key information;
  • Next steps,
  • Who to approach, and;
  • Where to send your documentation once completed.

For 'non-traditional' courses such as Collaborative and Apprenticeships there are also notes available to aid in the design of these courses.

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