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The Centre for Academic Development and Quality (CADQ) provides continuing professional development for those who teach and support learning at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Alongside the Academic Professional Apprenticeship (APA) / PGCert Learning and Teaching in HE (PGLTHE), a key area of this offer includes the provision of institution-wide professional development for personal tutorial delivery.

Educational Developers from CADQ work with Academic Schools to identify individual schools’ needs, to provide training, and advise on personal tutoring structures that respond to course and students’ requirements.


Principles of personal tutoring

Personal tutoring at NTU underpins the strategic ambition to enable students and professionals to personalise their studies and experiences. The following principles are set out in the NTU Quality Handbook, Section 14.

The handbook also details requirements for the design and planning of tutorials and expectations for professional development of all staff who support tutorial provision.


Professional Development Package

To support you in developing the skills, tools, and capacity to provide an effective tutorial system we designed a professional development package for colleagues at all stages of their personal tutoring journey. This package is split into two sections:

  1. The Introduction to Personal Tutoring Package is for members of staff who are new to the role of the personal tutor and who, for any reason, are not participating in the APA / PGLTHE programme.
  2. The Advanced Tutoring Package is for experienced tutors, and for those who have already completed the introductory package or the APA / PGLTHE programme.

Learn more about each package and their workshops on this page, and continue to the end of the page for booking current dates or request a bespoke Personal Tutoring package for your team, course/module, school, or department.

Introduction to Personal Tutoring

The introductory package is designed to familiarise new colleagues with personal tutoring at NTU and to support them in developing the skills and knowledge for effective tutoring. It is also suitable for those colleagues who feel they need a refresher on the principles and aims of tutoring.

The package is made up of two workshops, each are two hours in length. The workshops can be combined into one four-hour session upon request. These workshops can be delivered either online or in-person.

  • Workshop 1: Getting Started

    This session explores the purpose and value of personal tutorials at NTU, setting out the expectations around tutorials and how to set clear boundaries with your tutees. It will discuss the start of your relationship with your tutees, modes of tutorials and opportunities for community building.

    The session will include:

    • NTU personal tutoring principles
    • Getting to know your tutees (Success for All (SfA) students, international, UG / PG / PhD, part-time),
    • Supporting transition and goal setting
    • Group and 1:1 tutorials: horizontal and vertical tutoring, utilising peer mentoring and creating community
    • Pinch points in the personal tutoring journey: settling in, first assessment, understanding assessment feedback, post-Christmas reflections

  • Workshop 2: Meeting Tutees Where They Are (Proactive and Reactive Tutoring)

    This session explores how to support a diverse body of students and meet their individual needs. It will cover identifying and supporting students at risk, those students that occasionally need a check in, and developing higher achievers. The session will cover proactive and reactive tutoring techniques as well as a guide for effective signposting.

    The session will include:

    • Recognising individual student needs and the best way of supporting them
    • Student Dashboard data, how to use it for effective tutoring
    • Support and opportunities within the university, how to effectively signpost
    • Proactive and reactive tutoring approach

Advanced Personal Tutoring

The advanced package is designed to support colleagues who have completed the introduction package or the APA / PGLTHE to develop more advanced tutoring skills.

The package is made up of two workshops, each are three hours in length. The workshops can be combined into one full day workshop upon request. Workshops are delivered in person.

  • Workshop 1: Coaching and Mentoring Your Tutees

    This session develops coaching and mentoring techniques for personal tutoring. You will learn what the difference is between coaching and mentoring, how to use the techniques in a personal tutoring context and when.

    The session includes:

    • Coaching vs. mentoring
    • Coaching and mentoring skills
    • Responsibility and ownership
    • GROW model and coaching wheel
    • Mentoring and use of resources
    • Developmental conversations

  • Workshop 2: Teaching and Tutoring

    In this session we will explore a holistic approach to tutoring. This session will help you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks around tutoring individual students and embed your proactive tutoring techniques into your teaching.

    The session includes:

    • Tutoring and teaching skills
    • What does embedded tutoring look like?
    • Planning and designing a holistic approach


Current dates and how to book

Getting Started Workshop (all on MS Teams)

  • 31st January 11-1pm
  • 9th February 11-1pm
  • 3rd March 10-12pm
  • 7th April 10-12pm
  • 6th June 10-12pm
  • 9th June 2-4pm

Proactive and Reactive Tutoring Workshop - Meeting Your Tutees Where They Are (all on MS Teams)

  • 3rd February 11-1pm
  • 7th March 2-4pm
  • 7th April 3-5pm
  • 14th June 1-3pm
  • 17th June 9-11am

Coaching and Mentoring Your Tutees Workshop

  • 11th February 2-5pm (MS Teams)
  • 16th March 9-12pm (in-person)
  • 11th April 10-1pm (MS Teams)
  • 22nd June 9-12pm (in-person)
  • 24th June 2-5pm (in-person)

Teaching and Tutoring Workshop

  • 21st February 1-3pm (MS Teams)
  • 24th March 10-12pm (in-person)
  • 14th April 9-11am (MS Teams)
  • 27th June 9-11am (in-person)

Book on to any scheduled session(s) using the Professional Development for Personal Tutoring Delivery registration form.


Request a bespoke offer

If you are interested in running workshops for your course team or school, you can request bespoke Personal Tutoring sessions from our Educational Development Team at NTU. These sessions can be tailored to your individual needs, or have similar focuses and themes to the sessions in the section above.

Please fill out the Request for Bespoke Personal Tutoring Training form to help our team provide the best package for your needs.



You can access further Personal Tutoring resources below: