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Opportunities for Staff

Are you an NTU colleague looking to reach or recruit new people? Work with CenSCE to access new talent for your course, project or initiative.

Information and resources

Interested in working with us?

Are you a member of staff with an idea for an outreach intervention? Do you want to find out more about staff opportunities, but are not sure where to start? Are you interested in how we could help with recruiting to your course?

Whatever your enquiry, get in touch by emailing us at

NTU Welcome

We run a variety of activities to help students create new social networks and develop their sense of belonging while studying at NTU.

These events provide opportunities for students to meet, have fun and take part in shared experiences. Recent examples have included city tours, visits to local attractions in Nottingham, lunch meet-ups, and events at cultural and independent venues.

We invite contributions from NTU staff members for what we can do for future events and can offer financial backing to help your idea come to life. We are particularly keen to champion ideas that support students from non-traditional backgrounds.

If you have a suggestion, please get in touch by email:

Staff volunteering

There are a range of volunteering opportunities available to you, in schools, charities and local not-for-profit organisations, split into three categories:

  • Volunteering with schools
  • Volunteering in governance
  • Volunteering in the community

Get in touch with CenSCE

Our dedicated team of Stakeholder Engagement Coordinators are available to support you. We run a wide range of programmes for stakeholders, ranging from school pupils, to current students, staff and the wider community.

Areas we can support you with include:

  • Data and analysis - Learning analytics to understand your students’ engagement and provide insights to support Success For All
  • Student recruitment - Do you want to recruit more widely for your course? CenSCE can help.
  • Community engagement - Building links to benefit you, your students and the community.
  • Student success - Nurturing your students throughout their HE journey so they can flourish.
  • Research and evaluation - Exploring collaborative opportunities.
  • Personalised support - Your link to the right connections.

If you have an idea or opportunity you would like to explore with us, please get in touch by completing an online form.