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NTU Welcome

NTU Welcome is a programme of activity and targeted communications which constitutes NTU’s institutional welcome for new students. It is coordinated by CenSCE staff but brings together expertise, support and contributions from right across NTU and NTSU.

Welcome Team

We aim to ease the transition to university by helping students create their new social networks and develop a sense of belonging. To do this, we run a variety of activities, from social to cultural, sporting and many more! These events are designed to provide opportunities for students to meet, have fun, orientate themselves and take part in a broader shared experience before their studies begin. Example activities include city tours, visits to local attractions, events, brunches and lunches, and trips to some of Nottingham’s most notable cultural and independent venues. We aim to create a personalised and student-centred Welcome experience, alongside the more prominent nightlife elements.

We invite suggestions and contributions from NTU staff members, and can offer financial backing to your idea for improving our new students' experience. We are particularly keen to champion ideas that support students from non-traditional backgrounds.

To find out more about this funding, contact the Welcome team.

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